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Note: in the representation of Romanian orthography shown below, Unicode version


The vowel system comprises 8 phonemes, as follows. The vowel symbolized i_0 is voiceless; 1 is a close (high) unrounded central vowel.

        SAMPA symbol    Orthography             Transcription

        i               vin                     vin

        i_0             c?ini                   k1jni_0

        e               fel                     fel

        a               cap                     kap

        @               m?r                     m@r

        o               loc                     lok

        u               sur                     sur

        1               f?n                     f1n
There are 4 semivowels.
        j               doi                     doj

        e_X             deas?                   de_Xas@

        w               sau                     saw

        o_X             culoare                 kulo_Xare

The consonant system comprises 20 phonemes, as follows.

        p               p?r                     p@r     

        b               barb?                   barb@

        t               tun                     tun

        d               dar                     dar

        k               cal                     kal

        g               g?t                     g1t

        ts              t,ar?                   tsar@

        tS              ceas                    tSas

        dZ              geant?                  dZant@

        f               fat?                    fat@

        v               vale                    vale

        s               scaun                   skaun

        z               zi                      zi

        S               s,a                     Sa                      

        Z               joi                     Zoj

        h               hain?                   hajn@

        m               m?n?                    m1n@

        n               nas                     nas

        l               lapte                   lapte

        r               r?s                     r1s

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