Unicode test page

To read this page you must have installed a Unicode-capable font.

You can download six (WGL4-)Unicode fonts from Microsoft free of charge. (It is advisable first to delete your old Times New Roman, Courier New, Arial, Arial Black, Verdana, and Impact fonts before installing the new ones.)

To read this page you must also use a Unicode-capable browser, for example MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.03 (for Windows 95) or later.

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Latin Extended-A

Occupies the Unicode range 0100..017F


Occupies the Unicode range 0370..03FF

+A5UDuwO7A6wDtAOx- is the Greek name of Greece (Hellas, Elladha)


Occupies the Unicode range 0400..047F

+BCAEPgRBBEEEOARP- is the Russian name of Russia (Rossija)


The following lie outside WGL-4 (and are therefore probably not displayed correctly):

  Phonetische Alphabete
  Zur Startseite
Staatliche Universitaet Twer