Two-Soliton Solutions

Kink-Kink Collision

[Maple Plot]

In the frame of the model it is seen that the kinks do not reject each other but pass through each other keeping the direction of pendulum rotation.

Kink-AntiKink Collision

[Maple Plot]

Kink and antikink also pass through each other without any changes.

Breather Solutions

Standing Breather

[Maple Plot]

Breather is a kind of two-soliton solution, with kink and antikink coupled in an oscillatory system. Oscillations take place in a localized region so that the energy of the breather does not spread with time along the chain.

Large amplitude Breather

[Maple Plot]

Breather can propagate with a constant velocity as a localized oscillatory excitation.

Small amplitude Breather

[Maple Plot]

Small amplitude breather looks quite exotically.