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Note: in the representation of Hungarian orthography shown below, Unicode version


The vowel system comprises 14 phonemes, as follows.

        SAMPA symbol    Orthography             Transcription

        i               hit                     hit

        i:              sz?t                    si:t

        E               vet                     vEt

        e:              m?z                     me:z

        O               hat                     hOt

        a:              l?b                     la:b

        o               sok                     sok

        o:              p?k                     po:k

        2               k?t                     k2t

        2:              s?t                     S2:t

        u               fut                     fut

        u:              k?t                     ku:t

        y               s?t                     Syt

        y:              f?t                     fy:t

The consonant system comprises 24 phonemes, as follows.

        p               P?l                     pa:l

        b               b?l                     ba:l

        t               t?r                     ta:r

        d               d?n                     da:n

        t'              ty?k                    t'u:k

        d'              gy?r                    d'a:r

        k               k?d                     ka:d

        g               g?t                     ga:t

        ts              c?l                     tse:l

        dz              bodza                   bodza

        tS              cs?                     tS2:

        dZ              dzsem                   dZEm

        f               f?t                     fa:t

        v               v?d                     va:d

        s               sz?p                    se:p

        z               z?r                     za:r

        S               s?                      So:

        Z               zs?r                    Zi:r

        m               m?r                     ma:r

        n               n?d                     na:d

        J               nyom                    Jom

        r               r?k                     ra:k

        l               l?p                     la:p

        j               j?n, lyuk               j2n, juk

        h               h?t                     ha:t

        x               ach?t                   Oxa:t
It is convenient for some purposes to symbolize separately the following salient allophones:
        F               k?mfor                  ka:Ffor

        N               ing                     iNg
Consonant length is distinctive in Hungarian. All consonants may be phonemically short or long (geminate); this contrast operates in intervocalic and final-postvocalic positions.


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