Akkadian Grammar by John Heise

A Brief Grammar of Euskara, the Basque Language by Itziar Laka

Bemba (Brief Outline) by Debra Spitulnik and Mubanga Kashoki

A Brief Bengali Primer (4 lessons) by Zunaid Kazi
Learn to Read Bengali from Akindia

Brahui Grammar Guide by Serge V. Axenov

A Brief Catalan Grammar (Fundaci Paul Bellet)
Learn Catalan by Elizabeth Castro

Sample Lessons of Cebuano by Jessie Grace Rubrico

Chamorro Lesson of the Week by Ronald T. Laguana (gopher)

Cherokee Language Lessons by Richard Francis
Cheyenne Language Pages by Wayne Leman
Basic Business Mandarin Chinese (in Chinese)
Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online by Dr. Tianwei Xie
Conversational Shanghai Chinese by Benjamin X. Ao, Ph.D.
Grammar Notes for A Practical Chinese Reader by Hongchu Fu

Common Slavic Grammar by Cyril Babaev

The Coptic Language by Hany Takla

Cree Language Lessons, Department of Native Studies, Brandon University

Dakota Language by Jim Green

Danish Grammar by Carl-Henrik Nielsen
Danish Grammar by John Madsen
Old Danish Runic (Scandinavian)

An Integral Dutch Course (HTML-version by Ger Koole)
(Dutch) (Nederlandse) Vlaamse taal van Filip Camerman

Egyptology Page by Jim Loy

A Brief Grammatical Sketch of English by Thomas E. Payne
An Elementary Grammar by The English Institute (for speakers of French)
Historical Grammar of the Old English Language by Cyril Babaev
Internet Grammar of English, University College London
A Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar for English XTAG Project, U. of Pennsylvania
An On-Line English Grammar by Anthony Hughes
English: The Scots Haunbuik by Clive P. L. Young

Esperanto by Donald Harlow
Plena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko by Bertilo Wennergr
Uchebnik yazyka esperanto by B. G. Kolker
Systematikken i esperanto by Ib Schleicher

Finnish by I-Base Information Center
Finnish Grammar by Kimberli Mkrinen

French Lessons with Real Audio Sound by ILD
French Language Course by Jacques Lon
Introduction la linguistique franaise by Greg Lessard
(French) Leons de grammaire par Pascal Michelucci (5 lessons so far)


Elementary Course of Gaelic by Duncan Reid
(Scottish) Gaelic Learning Materials On-line
(See also Irish and Manx)

Galician Morphosyntax by Francisco Dubert e Xulio Sousa

The Georgian Language: An outline and grammatical description by P. J. Hillery

A German Language Course for English Speakers by Peter Schroeder
German for Beginners by Dr. Peter Glz
German Grammar Exercises by Professor E. Warkentin
German Lessons with Real Audio Sound by ILD
The Internet Handbook of German Grammar by Mark Whitaker
The German Electronic Textbook by Gary Smith
Deutsche Rechtschreibung: Regeln und Wrterverzeichnis: Amtliche Regelung
Plattdeutsch fr Anfnger Wolfgang Lindow

Enchiridion: A User-Friendly Guide for Reading Ancient Greek by Elaine Woodward and Marianne Pagos
Greek Grammar by Herbert Weir Smyth
Learning New Testament Greek by Jonathan Robie
[Modern] Greek through the Internet by Angelo Kanlis
Overview of Greek Syntax by Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox

Learn to Read Gujarati from Ukindia

Kreyol: the Language of Haiti by Paul LeCorde

Learn to Read Hindi from Ukindia

A Hungarian Language Course by Aaron Rubin

Hupa Language Web Page by Victor Golla and Danny Ammon

Mmir: Icelandic Grammar Notebook by John Tebbutt
Old Icelandic (Runic Scandinavian)

Beginninng Indonesian by Self-Instruction by Wolfe, et al.

Selected Indonesian Readings with Integrated Dictionary by Jim Henry
Everyday Interlingua: An Online Course by Paul LeCorde

Beginning Irish by Solas ireann
Learning Irish by The Irish People (67 lessons and growing)
Interactive Irish Lessons by Mchel Siadhail

Japanese Lessons by ILD
Japanese On-Line by Dr. Suguru Akutsu
The Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese by Tad Perry (txt file)
Japonskii dlja vsex on-line by Alexander Kolesnikov (in Russian)

A Simplified Kapampangan Grammar by Armando A.B. Regala
Learn to Speak Kapampangan by Armando A.B. RegalaO

Korean Lessons with Real Audio Sound by ILDKURDISH GRAMMARS

An Introductory Course on Kurdish Language (Kurmanji dialect) by Burhan Dinler
Grammar of Central Kurdish (in Kurdish) from Qazi's Kurdish grammar

New Latin Grammar by Allen & Greenough
The Intelligent Person's Guide to the Latin Language by William Harris
New Latin Grammar by Allen & Greenough (Perseus Project)
Latin Verb Exercises by Carl Hennig

Latvian Grammar by T.G.Fennell et al.

Historical Grammar of Lithuanian language by Cyril Babaev

The Complete Lojban Language by John Cowan

A Basic Grammar of Luganda by Emmanuel Mukasa

Grammar of the Lydian Language by Cyril Babaev

Basic Maltese Grammar by Grazio Falzon
Survival Maltese By Grazio Falzon

Mandinka Grammar Manual by Ebrima Colley (42 pp. PDF download)

Manx Lessons (Level I) by Phil Kelly
Manx Lessons (Level II) by Peter Hayhurst
Manx Lessons (Level III--Conversational) by Brian Stowell
Manx Lessons by Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh
Marathi Language by Nilesh Savargaonkar

Pages of Mari Language and Culture by Maxim Sitnikov

The Mon Language by Jennifer Albaugh et al.
Inadequate Nahuatl Reference Grammar by D. K. Jordan
Grammatical Sketch of Tundra Nenets by Tapani Salminen
Rob's Ojibwe Language Pages

Omaha-Poncan Grammar by John Koontz

Pali Learning Page Center for Buddhist Studies (in progress)
On-Line Pali Course by Ven. Narada
Portugisisk Grammatik by John Madsen (Dansk)
A Grammar of Potawatomi by Rob Malouf and Smokey McKinney
Prussian Reconstructions by Dr Letas Palmaitis
A Grammar of Sdovian Prussian by Joseph Poshka
Learn to Read Punjabi from Ukindia
Basic Quechua Lessons by Russ & Ada Gibbons
Curso de Quechua (Peru Homepage)
Quechua Lessons by Barry Werger
On-Line Interactive Russian Reference Grammar by Robert Beard
Russian Lessons with Real Audio Sound by ILD

Let's Read Russian (Intermediate) by Irene Thompson
Conversational Course of Russian (for the Classroom) by E. D. Shtefan

Samoan Language Resources by P. Fawn Whittaker

Sanskrit Lessons Center for Buddhist Studies
Seneca (Mingo) Extensible Grammar by Lachler, McElwain, & Burke
Introductory Shonaby Cameron Smith
Obersorbisch fr Anfnger by Eduard Werner
Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student by Larry Dechent
Gramtica y ortografa espaola by Juan Manuel Soto
Learn Spanish by Spanish Language Resources
Spanish Lessons with Real Audio Sound by ILD

(Swahili) Introductory Kiswahili Lessons by Abdul Mohammed & Kassim Abdullah
(Swahili) Kiswahili Grammar Notes by Helen Erickson & Marianne Gustafsson

A Swedish Course by Bjrn Engdahl
A Swedish Language Course by Aaron Rubin
Swedish Lessons by STP CALL collective
Introduction to Swedish by Urban Sikeborg
Old Swedish (Runic Scandinavian)
Let's Study Tagalog
A Description of Tagalog by Oduntan Bode
Tagalog Language by Seasite
A Grammar of Spoken Tamil by Harold F. Schiffman
Learn to Read Tamil from Ukindia
Learn Telugu on the Internet Andhratoday and Telugu University
Beginning Level Thai by Seasite
The Language of the Thracians by Ivan Duridanov
Internet Aided Instruction System For Tibetan from the Center for Buddhist Studies
Introductory Tigre Lessons by Omar M. Kekia
Learning Practical Turkish
An On-line Tzotzil Grammar by John Beard Haviland
Learn to Read Urdu from Ukindia
Vietnamese 3W by Uschi Felix, Lou Winklemann, Peter Skagg, and QuynhDu TonThat
Spoken Vietnamese for Beginners by Nguen Long, Marybeth Clark and Nguen Thran
A Grammar of Verdurian by Mark Rosenfelder

Grammaire wallonne en ligne par Djan Sacr

A Welsh Grammar by Mark Nodine
A Welsh Grammar On Line by Ian Oliver
Wolof Grammar Manual by Sierra Dem (72 pp. PDF download)
Parler le Wolof
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